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Holes & Tears

No matter how extreme we can fix any holes and torn denim. These problems could be the result of prolonged wear, an unfortunate snag, or a specific stress point.
Inside Pocket Repair $9 / inch
Holes and Tears $9 / inch
Reinforcing $9 / inch
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We replace zippers and buttons - up and down, left and right.
Change Button fly to Zipper $40
Rivet Replacement $12
Zipper Repair $30
Zipper Replacement $35
Button Replacement $18
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Pregnant? We will work our magic by inserting expandable side inseams to move and grow with you. Now that's what we call a haute mama!
Maternity Service $60
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We offer a variety of hemming techniques
Hemming - Original $25
Hemming - Regular $18
Hemming - Chainstitch $25
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Have ill-fitting jeans? We can make them look like they were made just for you!
Resize - Full starts at $100
Resize - Hips $45
Resize - Lower Legs $45
Elastic Waist Expansion $40
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Denim Therapy is now offering you the chance to "tattoo" your best blues the same way you would yourself!
Monogramming $20
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Denim Therapy now offers a denim cut-off shorts service. Send your favorite jeans to our experts and we will return them in your choice of three lengths/styles.
Denim Shorts $25
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Going for a different look? Try our new patch service of denim* and leather patches. You can choose to have patches put on top or behind a hole. They come in four sizes: 7x3, 4x4, 6x4, 8x5

*Denim patches are not meant to be an exact match of denim color
Denim Patch $25
Leather Patch $35