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Great tailoring job!

"I got my Japanese Evisu and Momotaro Jeans done. Great job! Look forward to do job with you guys again!"
D Wakasa 02-25-2017

Best Kept Secret!

"I read about Denim Therapy in a Style book. It took me some time before I needed to use them, but when I finally did use this company, I was floored at the results! I had held onto a pair of jeans that I loved for several years, they had huge holes in the thigh and I figured there was no help for them. When I got them back from Denim Therapy it was like nothing had happened to them. The color and stitch was perfectly matched. I tell everyone about this company! I am about to send another pair of jeans to them and let them work their magic! Amy "
A Gustafson 02-24-2017

Kinda basic

"I got two pairs of jeans repaired, one pair of normal blue denim jeans, one pair of coated black jeans (both BLK DNM brand). The blue jeans were successfully patched, but the coated black jeans were repaired with a denim patch that did not match the rest of the jean. Disappointing, but the repair was small enough to not cause a stir. My blue jeans ripped again (this is what I get for pulling these jeans out the clearance section) and I had them repaired again. This time, the repair was sloppy, and I discovered that the patch they sewed in didn't fully cover the rip! I thought these guys would be able to handle more expensive denim, but overall, the quality of their work is average. I really wouldn't recommend them."
Z Cuevas 12-29-2016

3yrs and I'm still coming back

"Fast, reliable and a savior for my favorite jeans"
anonymous 06-13-2016

Appreciate your work

"I recently sent a pair of jeans shorts of my husband's I had tried to repair them myself but they kept coming apart I sent them in to be repaired recently received them and the repairs are flawless you cannot even tell they were torn GREAT JOB "
M Radwan 05-03-2016

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